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Last updated: January 15, 2018

Keyless Smart Day Lockers For office Hoteling

As businesses seek to reduce office space costs and accommodate a growing mobile work force, they are turning to a trend called "office hoteling." This new trend is reducing costs by eliminating assigned workspaces for mobile workers and providing them with unassigned workspaces and keyless lockers, known as Smart Day Lockers, to store their belongings. These keyless locks for hoteling provide a secure place to hold their files and personal items while working in the office.

smart day lockers for business hoteling

Smart day Lockers Designed Specifically for Your Office

Smart day lockers are more than just a place to keep things; they are high quality, aesthetically pleasing products that will enhance the look of your office while providing your employees with the peace of mind to know their valuables are safe and secure. The Smart Day Lockers can be designed to meet your exact specifications, including the locker size outlets for charging portable devices. In addition, the lockers come in multiple different finishes including wood, laminate, and wood veneer that can be customized to your liking.

keyless locks for office hoteling

Numerous Types of Keyless Locks for hoteling Available

The best feature of the Smart Day Lockers is the numerous types of keyless locks for office hoteling available. Here are some basics about our types of keyless locks:

Proximity Keyless Lock: Users open and close lockers simply by pressing a proximity media (RFID card, bracelet or Wellness® key) against the door knob or handle. The lock has a completely independent power system that runs on four standard 1.5V AA batteries. The different programming modes ensure that lockers can be easily converted from dedicated mode into free mode. This means that they can be assigned to a single user, be freely available to anyone, or be designated to a defined user group.

Keypad Lock: The user simply uses a 4-digit code to lock and unlock the locker. The user can enter their own code or it can be set by management and assigned for a designated person and time. If the code is forgotten or management needs access, there is either a wireless controller or bypass key available.

Coin Operated Lock: Unauthorized locker reservation can be avoided by adding coin activation as a deposit. Users are required to enter a coin before they can enter their code. In addition, automatic opening can be set at night. This type of keyless lock is extremely useful in very busy facilities with high rotation.

Contact Us about keyless locks for hoteling

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