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Last updated: October 28, 2020

Slim Case Lateral Storage Cabinets For Storing Multimedia Products

variety of slim case lateral storage cabinets with rollup security doorsSlim Case Lateral Storage Cabinets can be used in any office or backroom application for multimedia storage of files, CDs, DVDs, books, binders, and office supplies. The cabinets have a double-wall construction with a fully-welded case, and are painted with a powder-coat finish. The cabinets can be designed with various size pull out drawers; fixed or adjustable shelves that are adjustable on ½” increments to maximize storage capacity; a posting shelf; or a mixture of any components. And all of these choices can be re-configured at any time if your storage needs change. Also, the Slim Case Lateral Storage Cabinets can be equipped with rollup security doors so that you can lock up any sensitive or confidential stored items. (view images of Slim Case Lateral Storage Cabinets)

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Who Will Benefit From Using Slim Case Lateral Storage Cabinets with Rollup Security Doors

The Slim Case Lateral Storage Cabinet’s rollup security doors are attractive, quiet and easy to use. With two door-lift grips, a person can easily open or close the door without having to bend over or stretch. Also, when the door bottom is fully lowered it fits securely into a bottom cross channel to prevent tampering, and wear and tear. Many different businesses will benefit from the extra security provided by the rollup doors including:

  • Law offices storing “active case” and “client will” files
  • Accounting firms storing client tax records
  • Insurance agencies storing claims records and insured information
  • Financial institutions storing “loan in process” fileskeep files safe and protected with slim cabinets with rollup security doors
  • Medical facilities storing patient records
  • Museums storing documents, manuscripts and artifacts
  • Schools storing student records
  • Human resources storing personnel records

Store More Than Just Files in the Slim Case Lateral Storage Cabinets

The Slim Case Lateral Storage Cabinets can accommodate all types of top tab and side tab file folders; however, files aren't the only thing you can store in the cabinets. You can also store a variety of media including CDs, DVDs, computer components, microfilm, binders, and more.

slim case lateral cabinets can create high capacity storageCreate High Capacity Storage System with the Slim Case Lateral Storage Cabinets

The Slim Case Lateral Storage Cabinets can easily be placed on floor tracks to allow for 2 rows of storage, which creates a high capacity storage system. The front row has 1 less cabinet allowing for side-to-side cabinet movement to provide access to all rear stationary cabinets. This set-up with minimize your storage footprint while maximizing your storage capacity.

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