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High-Density Files System Stores Anything in Less Floor Space

Virtually any type of material, regardless of its size, weight, or shape, can be stored in High-Density Files. Not only that, everything is stored in less floor space to reduce your building lease and construction costs. High-Density Files are versatile enough for every environment including offices, hospitals, libraries, schools, museums, archives, factories, warehouses, laboratories, government agencies, and military bases.

High-Density Files help eliminate non-productive floor space created by inefficient file cabinets and fixed access aisles. High-Density Files mount shelves or cabinets on wheeled carriages that travel on rails. To move the shelving and cabinets, two basic modes of operation are available – Push Button and Hand revit bim models

Powered Push Button High-Density Files

push button safety system

To open a powered push button High-Density Files aisle, users simply push a button. The ease of pushing a button to open an aisle is designed to increase productivity and safety in active filing and storage areas. The Push Button High-Density Files provides state-of-the-art technology and safety to protect users while in an open aisle (watch safety video). The powered push-button system is available with a variety of programmable security functions to secure part or the entire system. High-Density Files are ideal for high-access applications where maximum reliability, safety, security, and protection of stored materials are key concerns. Click here to learn more about high-density mobile shelving.

Hand Crank High-Density Files

hand crank high density safety

To open a Hand Crank High-Density Files aisle, users rotate a waist-high three-spoke ergonomically handle. The hand crank system includes basic aisle locks on each movable carriage as a minimum safety device (passive safety features are also available on hand crank systems watch safety video). The Hand Crank High-Density Files System is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized filing and storage applications with lower activity levels.

High-Density Files System Options

The versatility of High-Density Files Systems makes it possible to mount almost any type of storage equipment on mobile carriages, including your existing shelving and cabinets. This capability, plus a wide range of storage accessories and system configurations, gives you numerous options to design a system perfect for your unique space.

High-Density Files System Space Comparison

There is no other conventional filing and storage solution as cost-effective or space-efficient as High-Density Files. Conventional lateral file cabinets and stationary file shelving require fixed aisles that waste valuable floor space. High-Density Files Systems eliminate all but one or two aisles and create a movable aisle instead. In most cases, High-Density Files can easily save 50% of your filing floor space for other productive uses.

The bottom line is that High-Density Files give you significantly greater storage capacity per square foot of floor space. In many applications, High-Density Files Systems are three times more space-efficient than conventional filing cabinets at half the cost. Investment costs in High-Density Files can typically be recovered in two years or less and these savings will continue year after year in energy cost savings.

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Designing and Installing a High-Density Files System

We are experts at designing and installing High-Density Files Systems. Our experienced and knowledgeable team understands building code requirements, floor loading calculations, and other important design details to ensure you get a productive and efficient system. Email us or give us a call 1-800-803-1083 and ask about our free space analysis for your filing or storage area.


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