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Last updated: August 15, 2018

Flip Around File Cabinets and Flip Around Media Storage Cabinets

flip around spinning file storage cabinets

Flip around file cabinets and flip around media storage cabinets are two deep cabinets that spin or flip around to maximize storage and the use of floorspace. Most flip around cabinets are either used up against a wall or back to back in the middle of a room (view flip around file cabinets image gallery). To access files or media, users simply flip or spin the cabinet around to access additional stored information. Flip around cabinets can store top and side tab files, notebooks, computer data media, and just about anything else you need to store in your office. Flip around cabinets are so versatile and flexible they can store all different types of media in one cabinet.

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Flip Around File Cabinets And Flip Around Media Cabinets Save Floorspace

Since flip around cabinets flip or spin you save a lot of valuable floorspace in your office. In fact, flip around cabinets can store up to 400% more information than traditional file cabinets and media storage cabinets because flip around cabinets are double deep. We have twelve stand heights and over 200 flip around cabinet models all with customizable interiors. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 and let one of our specialists help you design your flip around cabinets. Click here to see how this client saved floorspace with their flip around spinning cabinets.

Flip Around File Cabinet And Flip Around Media Cabinet Accessories

flip around rotary cabinets save floorpsce

Flip around cabinets have numerous accessories to easy customize each cabinet to your needs. Since all parts are interchangeable you can configure your flip around cabinets when your needs or media changes. Some of the flip around cabinet accessories include:

  • Numerous roll-out file drawers with optional locks
  • Numerous roll-out media drawers with optional drawer partitions and dividers
  • Standard shelves for binders and side tab file folders
  • Roll-out reference or posting shelves
  • Flexible media drawers to store cds, dvds, computer disc, video tapes and anything else you can think of
  • Optional keypad controlled electronic locks
  • Counter high flip around cabinets with counter tops

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Flip Around File Cabinets And Flip Around Media Cabinets Look Nice

Flip around file and media cabinets are high quality furniture grade cabinets providing a very clean office look. Flip around cabinets come in six standard colors and numerous custom colors. Flip around cabinets are easy to install and add on to as your business grows.

Contact Us For More Information On Flip Around Storage Cabinets

Call us today at 1-800-803-1083, we will help you design the perfect flip around cabinet for you special requirements. We serve Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi with flip around storage cabinets. For more information send us a message and we will connect you with your local representative.


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