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Last updated: July 14, 2017

Convenient and Efficient Drafting Storage Solutionsdrafting furniture tables tilt and adjust for ergonomics

We can help you with your drafting furniture and storage needs. Whether you are in the market for Drafting Furniture Tables, Blueprint Cabinets Stands, or Flat Files, we can help you find the right piece of equipment for your office. Our online partner, StoreMoreStore, has numerous drafting solutions to meet your office needs. These drafting equipment solutions can help you organize your office to better manage your time and space. (shop online for drafting furniture and storage solutions from StoreMoreStore)

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Drafting Storage Solution #1: Drafting Furniture Tables

blueprint cabinets are a space saving drafting storage solutionDrafting Furniture Tables are durable and made to last. With height and tilt adjustments, you can make sure table is ergonomically comfortable for you. There are also options to add a locking tool storage drawer and a shallow plan drawer for papers and reference materials.

Drafting Storage Solution #2: Blueprint Cabinets Stands

A great way to organzine your rolled blueprints and save space is by storing documents in a Blueprint Cabinet Stand. These blueprint storage units are designed for just for rolled plan drawings storage. The Blueprint Cabinets Stands are a cost efficient way to make sure your valuable documents don’t get crushed or damaged. There are a variety of sizes and openings are adjustable so you can custom design the unit to meet your specific requirements.

Drafting Storage Solution #3: Flat Filesstore and protect drafting documents with flat files

If you are worried about rolling up your documents to store them, StoreMoreStore also has flat files. These self-contained cabinets will keep your drawings flat and orderly, so you can rest assured they won’t be torn or maimed. Also, the flat files won’t off-gas, which will also keep them protected.

Shop Online Now for All These Drafting Storage Solutions

Shop online at StoreMoreStore for all your drafting furniture and storage solutions. If you have any questions or need assistance, please send us a message or call us at 1-855-786-7667 to speak with a representative.


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