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Last updated: March 21, 2011

Bell County Awarded Contract To Southwest Solutions Group

Belton, TEXAS-- (March 7, 2011) – Southwest Solutions Group announced today that it was awarded a contract to install several High Density Space Saving Shelving Systems into a new wing of the Bell County Justice Complex. Their new wing houses the county clerk’s office, county attorney’s office and public records. Multiple systems have been selected and once installed will better organize all Criminal, Juvenile and Civil records in half the floor space previously occupied. In addition, the new systems are estimated to save approximately 50% of the retrieval and filing time when accessing documents. Having all court records in a central location is expected to add convenience and expedite legal processes for the growing county. All of the solutions were purchased through TXMAS, the State of Texas purchasing contract.

About Bell County

The government of Bell County, Texas exists to promote and sustain a superior quality of life in Central Texas. In partnership with our communities and citizens, Bell County pledges to deliver cost-effective services in a personal, responsive, and innovative manner.

About Southwest Solutions Group

Southwest Solutions Group is the largest innovative storage and filing solutions company serving commercial and institutional facilities throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Tennessee, Missouri, and Mississippi. Southwest Solutions Group is a full service company providing equipment, design, installation, and ongoing service to all types of commercial businesses including government, museum, healthcare, public safety, military, and education. The company has served Bell County for 15 years and installed dozens of automated storage equipment and software solutions for labeling and tracking files across the Bell county enterprise.

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