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Alix Partners Awarded Contract To Southwest Solutions Group

Irving, TEXAS-- (March 8, 2011) – Southwest Solutions Group announced today that it was awarded a contract to provide and install a record box storage system for Alix Partners. Under terms of the agreement Southwest Solutions Group will provide storage shelving to store 20,000 record boxes and a barcode tracking system. The barcode tracking software will track locations and content of the record boxes. The 9’ high record box storage shelving will save an estimated 5,000 square feet of lease space. At an estimated $6 a square foot for lease space, the record box shelving will save $30,000.00 a year or $90,000.00 over the term of the lease.

barcode-tracking-box-storage-shelvingAbout Alix Partners

Alix Partners is a global firm of senior business and consulting professionals that specializes in improving corporate financial and operational performance, executing corporate turnarounds and providing litigation consulting and forensic accounting services when it really matters – in urgent, high-impact situations.

About Southwest Solutions Group

Southwest Solutions represents one of America’s largest innovative storage and filing solutions companies serving commercial and industrial facilities throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Tennessee, Missouri, and Mississippi. Southwest Solutions Group is a full service company providing equipment, design, installation, and ongoing service to all types of commercial businesses including government, museum, healthcare, public safety, military, and education.

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