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Last updated: June 20, 2017

Museum Cabinets for Herbarium Entomology Collection Storage from Tiffin

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Tiffin Sentinel Museum Cabinets for herbarium entomology collection storage are fabricated out of metal and designed to meet your precise standards. These cabinets will evolve along with your growing collection and work in many different museum departments including natural history, art, and historical archives. The Museum Cabinets come in numerous widths, depths, and heights to meet your exact collection storage needs.

Easily Protect Your Collection with Tiffin Sentinel Museum Cabinets

Herbarium Entomology Collection Storage

Securing the Museum Cabinet doors is straightforward and fast because of the exclusive lever locking system. To lock the door, simply close the door and push down on the lever. This forms an airtight seal that protects your herbarium and entomology collections from outside contaminates.

The easily adjusted built-in leveling system makes sure your collection stays level and undisturbed. Heavy duty anti-vibration leveling mounts are easily adjusted through the front of the base. Reducing the vibration as you open and close your cabinet doors adds additional protection to your herbarium and entomology collections

The Museum Cabinets are also water resistant. The water shielding flange built into the cabinet keeps water and moisture away from your collection by diverting water over the door.

Additional Features of the Tiffin Sentinel Museum Cabinets

  • Heavy Duty Cabinet Construction
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Lever Locking System
  • Variety of Drawer and Shelf Options
  • Airtight and Water Resistant with Improved Gasket Design
  • Liftoff Door Hinges

Tiffin Sentinel Museum Cabinets Design and Installation Services

Designing and installing the perfect equipment for your museum is an important part of what we do. Whether you are concerned about the deterioration of your herbarium entomology collections from unnecessary exposure to light and dust; harmful insects and rodents; or moisture and water, the Tiffin Sentinel Museum Cabinets will properly protect your stored collections. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 to schedule an appointment with one of our museum specialists, who will provide you with more information on how the Museum Cabinets will meet your specific collection storage needs.


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