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Last updated: July 17, 2017

Mobile Wire Screen Racks Art Gallery Storage on rolling artwork displays

Mobile Wire Screen Racks Meet Museum’s Art Gallery Storage Needs

Mobile Wire Screen Racks transforms an office building into a $9.5 million state-of-the-art gallery and museum. The museum needed to store more than 500 paintings safely and efficiently, while providing maximum flexibility and expansion capacity for additional artwork. Mobile Wire Screen Racks were able to meet all of the museum’s art gallery storage needs.

Wire Screen Racks Solve Museum’s Art Storage Problem

At the museum’s art gallery storage previous location, was stored in an overcrowded storage vault the size of a three-car garage. Smaller paintings were stored in hand-made cardboard containers stacked side-by-side in slots on shelving. Larger paintings were slid onto shelves or inserted in slots with a piece of cardboard in between them. As a result, all paintings were compressed into a very small area and exposed to potential damage. Artwork was also difficult for employees to locate for retrieval.

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Mobile Wire Screen Racks Increase Art Storage Capacity

The new Mobile Wire Screen Racks are 12 foot high by 20 foot long and paintings hang on the wire screen racks with special hooks. The artwork display racks roll on tracks with an overhead anti-tip device for maximum artwork safety. The rolling artwork displays slide smoothly back and forth to provide access to stored paintings. The floor space required for storage of the paintings has been cut in half, with enough space left over for future installation of as many as 20 more Mobile Wire Screen Racks. In addition, the wire screen racks feature twin screens, so paintings can be hung on both sides simultaneously. This doubles the amount of display space on the system and makes it easier to keep several works by one artist on the same Mobile Wire Screen Rack.

Mobile Wire Screen Racks rolling artwork displays for museum galleries

Mobile Wire Screen Racks Keep Art Safe and Secure

Safety and accessibility of the paintings have been greatly improved. In particular, hanging the paintings on rolling artwork displays relieves potential strain on the frames. These improvements are important, not only in protecting the existing art collection, but also in convincing donors that future additions to the collection will be protected.

Designing and Installing Mobile Wire Screen Racks

Designing and installing Mobile Wire Screen Racks to save space and preserve paintings safe in your museum art gallery is an important part of our businesses. Call us toll free today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and we will put you in contact with the art storage expert in your area.


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