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Last updated: March 06, 2020

Flat files & pull-out art racks save space

stackable flat file drawersIn the past, only a small percentage of a museum's collection actually made it out onto the exhibition floor. The main reason for this was due to a lack of space. However, under pressure to make collections increasing accessible to the public, many institutions have taken it upon themselves to provide a more interactive experience by offering behind-the-scenes tours. In addition, lots of museums have embraced the idea of "visible storage," which has swept the nation and become immensely popular within the US. If you are one of few who haven't yet backed this trend, seize the opportunity now by updating your storage systems for artwork and prints to flat files and pull-out art racks. They improve visible storage space accessibility because they are easy to operate. Each system is accessible with just the pull of a handle. Both also work to save space. In the case of the pull-out art racks (shop online), the steel-made panels take up less space because they are built to be compact. Where as steel-welded flat files (shop online) feature multiple drawers that stack one on top of each other. This means no space is wasted in between, allowing for maximum use of vertical space.

Compact pull-out art racks allow for more storage capacity

compact pull out art racksBecause pull-out art racks can be setup without being permanently attached to the ceiling, floor or wall they are ideal for museums looking to improve visible storage space accessibility. This feature allows for artwork stored there to be protected and viewed from a better angle. It also makes relocating collections easy. In doing so, patrons are exposed to a wider range of works. In addition, because these pull-out art racks are designed in a compact form, there is plenty of space left over for when increased storage capacity is needed.

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Protective flat files drawers

improve visible storage space accessibilityThe drawers of the flat files are covered with a non-reactive, solvent-free, baked powder-coat finish. This design feature provides a sleek appearance to the storage unit without exceeding budget constraints. Architectural drawings, archival materials, maps and prints kept inside are also well protected from corrosion. And, because drawers glide open with ease, patrons can be given an up-close-and-personal look at what is stored inside without direction from the curator.

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