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Stackable storage cabinets save space

stackable storage cabinetsMuseums play a vital role in helping us to remember the past. They explain how the world came to be as it is today by displaying the artifacts, objects and artwork that helped forge legacies left behind long ago by our ancestors. Often times, however, they are forced to consolidate or combine multiple exhibitions into one simply because they isn't enough space to house them separately. The large, expansive spaces that used to be available for displaying iconic paintings and prints have been made smaller to accommodate room for conservation and preservation teams, as well as research labs, classrooms and administration offices. While the addition of these departments require for museums to reconfigure exhibition space, all stand to benefit museums. This is particularly true of the conservation team, who are tasked with making repairs to artwork that has been entrusted to the care of a museum or is out on loan as part of a traveling exhibition. Simplify their job and save space at the same by utilizing stackable storage cabinets. They keep history alive by preserving artwork and prints. And, in doing so, treasured, irreplaceable pieces remain authentic because they are kept in as close to their original state as possible. Click here to watch a video about how another museum solved their space issue to preserve artwork and prints.

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30" x 42"
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36" x 48"
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41" x 26"
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50" x 39"
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60" x 47"
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Features of stackable storage cabinets

These stackable storage cabinets make the job of the conservation team look easy because they aim to keep history alive by preserving artwork and prints. That's not all they can hold, however. They are built with enough room for flats, negatives and sheets, as well. Standard features for stackable storage cabinets include:

  • Baked powder coat finish, non off-gassing, non-reactive, solvent free
  • Choice of eight standard colors
  • Five to ten drawers per unit
  • Heavy duty reinforced steel construction (optional hardwood finishes)
  • One 2" x 4"label holder per door
  • Sealed, waterproof top
  • Two pull handles per drawer
  • 3/4 extension, roller bearing suspension (200-lbs. capacity)

Stackable storage cabinets protect

keep history alive by preserving artwork and printsStackable storage cabinets serves to benefit the museum and its patrons for years to come. They provide adequate protection from harmful agents found in the environment such as dust, light and moisture. This means age-old pieces will be less likely to depreciate in value and enjoy a longer shelf life.

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