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Last updated: August 04, 2021

High Capacity Shelving Helps Museum Increase Storage Capacityhigh capacity shelving storing museum artwork

The Delaware Art Museum went through extensive renovations; however, soon after opening additional donations were made, which required even more space for storing both artwork and book collections. Through the use of High Capacity Shelving and smart space planning, the museum was able to increase their storage capacity on-site, which prevented them from having to turn down additional donations and helped them avoid costly additions to the newly remodeled building. (view images of High Capacity Shelving)

Planning for Now and the Future for Storing Artwork and Book Collections

storing book collections in high capacity shelvingThe museum was offered a collection of publisher’s bindings – rare decorative bindings that fit right in with the rest of the museum’s book collection. Because the items would be such a valuable addition for the museum, they were prepared to take the 50 storage boxes, even though there was no space to store them. For a while, the books remained in the boxes until new storage space was made revit bim models

The museum wanted to add additional storage shelving in the space they already had. They decided to use High Capacity Shelving in addition to reconfiguring their existing shelving to truly maximize the space. The way the high capacity system is designed, it’s simple to add an additional shelf. The museum not only provided for the immediate needs but also planned for future High Capacity Shelving additions. Click here to learn more about high-density mobile shelving.

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