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Last updated: July 09, 2019

Archive Facility Faces Space Challenges and Turns to Spacesaver® Compact Mobile Shelving for Help

spacesaver compact mobile shelving saves space

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The archive was using the original shelving installed when the archive was built in 1977. The archive was running out of space fast and needed to solve their space dilemma. After researching several storage options, they decided that Spacesaver Compact Mobile Shelving was the best solution for the archives. After installing the first system in 2004, the facility came back to purchase additional Spacesaver Compact Mobile Shelving systems. Their decision to choose Spacesaver wasn’t just based solely on their previous positive experience, but was also based on a technical decision. The archive facility needed very long carriages to fit in their space, and after comparing the technical aspects of several products, Spacesaver was selected to provide the additional systems. (view images of Compact Mobile Shelving)

Stopring Archives Safe and Secure With Ccompact Mobile Shelving

storing archives in compact mobile shelvingIn addition to being satisfied with the Spacesaver product, the archive facility appreciated the quality of service they received from the local installation team. In an archive facility there are many precious and valuable items within the collections that need to be handle with care and protected. The local installation team worked around the facility’s needs with a very professional work ethic.

The archive facility was able to make the most of their existing space by partnering with Spacesaver to design and install several Compact Mobile Shelving systems to maximize their building's floor space. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

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