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Your Storage Space Almost as Valuable as Your Framed Art Collectionframed art stored on racks keeps everything safe and secure

As contributions to your museum continue to grow, storage floor space suddenly starts to shrink. Adding on to your existing building, using display space as storage space, or even leasing off-site storage are all expensive and options that take away from your primary purpose. Rolling Artwork Racks are the high capacity storage solutions to maximize framed art storage space in your museum. Rolling Artwork Racks offer the design features and flexibility required to safely secure your framed art collections while making sure you have enough room for future expansion. (view images of Rolling Artwork Racks)

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Use Rolling Artwork Racks to Maximize Your Art Storage Space

Rolling Artwork Racks take advantage of nonproductive, fixed-aisle space used in traditional stationary storage applications to better use all the available floor space. Art racks are mounted on wheeled carriages that roll on tracks to eliminate the fixed aisles in your storage area making a moveable access aisle between rolls of racks. To access an aisle, simply push a button to open the aisle. The result of using Rolling Artwork Racks is often a 100% or greater storage capacity or a 50% or more reduction in storage floor space. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

rolling artwork racks maximize framed art storage spaceThe artwork rack panel's woven steel mesh design allows you to hang small, medium, and large artwork on the same panel (as you choose) to keep art off the floor and protected from possible damage. The mesh is flush with the vertical posts allowing flexible arrangement from art rack panel to panel. With Rolling Artwork Racks, the last thing you’ll have to worry about is turning away additional art for lack of storage space.

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