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pre-engineered inplant modular warehouse buildings & industrial officesInplant modular warehouse buildings are pre-engineered industrial offices that provide climate- and sound-controlled office space within your warehouse or industrial area wherever you need it, even within a mezzanine system. Modular buildings are more cost-effective, faster to install, and more adaptable than new construction since no contractors or architects are required and they are expandable, re-configurable, and re-usable. Many styles, sizes, and configurations are available depending on your specific inplant office needs.

features & benefits

Pre-engineered design: No need for engineers, contractors, or architects. No hidden design costs. Easy to install and re-configure as needed. Some configurations, such as guard shacks, don't need to be taken down at all and can simply be forklifted into place.

Easy & quick installation: No scheduling and coordinating of contractors and sub-contractors required. Professional installers can assist or install the inplant offices for you to ensure minimal downtime. Standard inplant offices can be assembled in less than a day, compared to drywall construction that can take several weeks.

Clean appearance: Standard pre-engineered components ensure consistent, high quality, and clean designs. The integrated systems are manufactured to your exact specification for consistent quality control.

Dust-free: Since the panels are pre-engineered, there's no need to deal off areas to protect against dust and mess associated with drywall construction. This eliminates costs associated with additional labor and downtime and minimizes disruption of your warehouse or industrial facility.

Low maintenance: Pre-engineered and pre-finished steel or aluminum panels can be matched to your application and require little more than occasional surface cleaning to maintain. There is no need for the painting or repair associated with drywall construction.

inplant modular warehouse office with stairs

Durable: Reinforced cavity and reinforced wall construction decreases changes of damage by impact. Panels can also be designed to withstand environmental factors such as adverse weather, high humidity, moisture, etc., and can even be used for outdoor applications.

Adaptable: If additional space or expansion is needed or the office needs to be moved, the existing panels can be modified as needed to meet your changing needs. Since the walls for the inplant modular warehouse buildings are non-progressive, the wall, window, and door panels are all interchangeable and can be exchanged for a different panel without disturbing the adjacent panels. You can even add a second story or attach a mezzanine.

Accelerated depreciation: Modular construction qualifies for accelerated depreciation under IRS §179, which provides a quicker return on investment for you.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for inplant modular warehouse buildings and pre-engineered industrial offices. We will also provide you with a free consultation to determine your exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a modular warehouse office specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.

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