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Last updated: October 27, 2020

Flexible industrial building systems maximize space usage

flexible industrial building systemsThe use of flexible industrial building systems may seem a bit unusual, especially if you've never had access to one before. Truth be told, however, an interchangeable in-plant office enclosure is quite practical and just as handy to have around. Its outer surfaces and inner core are designed in such a way that the system easily meets standards for environmental control, noise control or soundstop barriers and safety, while also allowing you to maximize space from multiple angles. This even includes space from the roof. Clear spans up to 40-feet wide are available to help you optimize your space, when working with non-load bearing applications. Flexible industrial building systems can also be made to occupy space from a vertical position and function as a two-story system if you're wanting to conserve and utilize floor space in alternative capacities. A load-bearing roof with load capacities up to 125 pounds per square foot also provides optimal use of space from the roof, which can be used for storage or as a production area. Get your questions about flexible industrial building systems answered. (Read more)

 Interchangeable in-plant office enclosure provides flexibility

An interchangeable in-plant office enclosure is highly flexible and perfectly capable of meeting the needs of art and photography studios, aircraft hangers, as well as shipping and receiving offices. Available in 1 3/4-inch or 3-inch thickness and crafted from a choice of durable materials - including anodized extruded aluminum or painted steel - flexible industrial building systems feature open construction and a non-progressive design. These features not only give them the flexibility to accommodate growth and change but allows for the structure and wiring to be efficiently monitored by building inspectors at any given time during installation. It also allows for any type of expansion, reconfiguration, or relocation of the structure to be accommodated without any hassle. In addition, because every aspect of its production is handled in factory, installation and assembly are cleaner and more cost-effective than traditional construction. Get even more in-depth answers to your questions about an interchangeable in-plant office enclosure. (Read more)

 Flexible industrial building systems for optimal safety

interchangeable in plant office enclosureIndustrial building systems also go along way to uphold health and safety standards, especially when working with or in close proximity to hazardous equipment. There is a broad selection of wall panels available to fit whatever interchangeable in-plant office enclosure you choose. All are insulated, non-combustible, and constructed of steel for optimal safety. They serve as a protective barrier when it comes to the well-being of personnel, as well as ensure the integrity and functionality of machinery used for production is well-maintained. The systems are also designed for building around existing equipment. So, whether you decide to go with the steel-faced wall panels with rigid polystyrene foam cores or a freestanding system that is of lighter weight, you can rest assured flexible industrial building systems give you the very best in protection from all sides and everywhere in between.

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