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The Solution for Storing Miscellaneous and Small Athletic Gear

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Managing athletic equipment is a serious job. You need everything to be stored, organized, and clean so that it’s ready to go when your team needs it. Not to mention when you have to pack up for overnight games. While not as costly as helmets and shoulder pads, miscellaneous and small athletic gear like socks, patches, small parts, and mouth guards still needs to be organized and easily accessible; otherwise, it will just get in the way and create massive amounts of clutter. Using modular drawers in your cabinets and shelving is a great way to store all kinds of athletic gear.

Adding Modular Drawers to Your Cabinets & Shelving

modular drawers storing athletic gear in cabinetsModular drawers come in numerous heights ranging from 2" to 15" and drawer widths from 30" to 60". The interiors can be partitioned and subdivided to organize small athletic gear parts so they won’t get lost or misplaced. The drawers can be installed into both cabinets and shelving, which makes them a very flexible storage choice.

Benefits of Using Modular Drawers for Storing Athletic Gear

There are many benefits to using modular drawers for storing athletic gear, including:

  • Modular drawers are extremely space-efficient because they can be designed around the size of the athletic gear being stored.shelving with modular drawers for storing athletic gear
  • You are able to see and access more stored athletic gear at one time, which helps when you need to gather items together quickly.
  • When used in shelving, modular drawers can be placed at the ideal ergonomic height to eliminate constant bending over.
  • Modular drawers provide better inventory control because optional locks provide security from inventory pilferage.
  • Athletic gear will be protected from dust because it’s a closed system.

Contact Us for Help Storing Your Athletic Gear

Southwest Solutions Group® specializes in designing and installing storage systems for athletic gear. Contact us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and let one of our specialists help you design modular drawers for your cabinets and shelving.

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