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Ergonomic and durable utility control room furniture

utilities control room console computer furniture for electric power generation

Ergonomic, durable utility control room furniture can accommodate mission-critical electric power generation, power transmission, and wastewater management operations. Storage experts can help high-demand applications assess console design. Then, create custom control room environments with technical furniture that you can adapt to fit your changing needs. So, the console solutions always meet your specific technological and operative requirements while providing users comfortable, flexible workspaces. 

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Flexible Command and Control Room Furniture

console computer furniture for utilities control rooms

With support from flexible framework and accessories, command and control room furniture users can run mission-critical utility management operations 24/7. Pulling it off isn’t always easy, however. Especially when faced with unexpected and inconvenient power outages or flooding conditions.

Fortunately, these control consoles have the structural integrity to last and can make the process of defusing city-wide emergencies effortless. So, personnel avoid feeling stressed while working under pressure to restore electricity and ensure safe water consumption.

Including adjustable monitor arms and Slatwall mounting into the console design allows users to have efficient, cleaner workspace during long shifts. Plus, the flexibility to position monitors within their personal eyeline and never lose sight of displayed data while sitting or standing. Personnel tracking activity on multiple screens remains comfortable and allows the ability to spot inconsistencies in moments. The community is never without essential services for an extended length of time.

Dispatchers have the flexibility to position monitors where they feel comfortable thanks to the attached screens on adaptable arms, which are mounted to Slatwalls. If you are having trouble viewing the content on display, then simply adjust the screens a few degrees until you reach an ergonomic point that supports your working style.

Different Slatwall arrays allow you to maintain alignment, tilt screens, adjust height and focal depths while using single-point controls. This allows operators to always have the most comfortable view. The alternative monitor-mounting methodology also permits durable steel shroud and platform integration to conceal and support incorporated technology, including:

  • Cables
  • Power connections
  • Computers
  • Miscellaneous peripheral equipment
  • And more

The innovative Slatwall technology also allows flexible monitor layout, so you can maximize your critical space while providing ergonomics. Some design options to choose from include:

  • Selections with up to five monitors, creating a single adaptive unit that utilizes manual and electronic controls to ensure comfort
  • Alternative configurations stacked up to maximize hard-to-reach overhead vertical space

Operators can alternate between portrait and landscape monitor modes to have visual access to displayed data from every angle. Systems also allow simple and clean cable management integration from behind the monitors. Users have easy access and can adapt wires to streamline connectivity and keep work areas clean.

Command Center Furniture Benefits

Command center furniture features heavy-duty steel construction that provides years of reliable service. Many configurations and sizes are available for 911 communication call centers and network operation centers to choose from, including:

  • Single open systems
  • Large multi-station centers
  • Sit-stand desks

You can also add more to the console furniture solutions to maximize functionality and technology access. A few available options are below.

  • modular console computer furniture for utilities control rooms and operationsIntegrating enclosed storage ensures cables remain off the floor and protected from damage, allowing critical workspaces to look clean and tidy
  • Quick-release flipper doors allow faster access to cables, helping simplify technology use when time is of the essence
  • Vertical cable management chains can help prevent accidental disconnection to eliminate interruptions that slow workflow processes
  • The durable, height-adjustable console furniture design even allows ventilation to ensure valuable computer parts remain dust-free and cool
  • Anti-collision technology ensures equipment remains protected, and safety gaps around worksurfaces eliminate hazardous pinch points that can cause harm

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