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Last updated: November 10, 2020

Critical mission security consoles with design flexibility

critical mission security consolesCritical mission security consoles and emergency dispatch monitoring desks are well suited to meet the demands of a range of applications. This includes command and control environments and data centers, as well as jobs involving network operations, process control and public safety and security. The design flexibility offered by these systems ensures they will function in whatever capacity they are employed to. However, it is with their support that those who make it their job to serve and protect are able to do their job more efficiently.

Evidence of its incredible design flexibility is supported by its heavy duty steel construction. With unmatched durability, it stands firm in support of emergency dispatch monitoring desks and their ability to manage the pressure that goes along with working in the industry. And it is all done without hindering its ability to also provide flexible, productive workspaces. The inclusion of space to accommodate CPU storage, filing pedestals and rack mount equipment just goes to show how truly flexible these critical mission security consoles are. And, if that isn't enough to convince you, there is always the functionality of monitor arms to consider. Suspended on a slat wall system, they raise and lower with the main work surface as it is electronically adjusted. The work surface is then available for uses other than that of a monitor storage platform. Take an in-depth look at critical mission security consoles. (Watch video)

Emergency dispatch monitoring desks support workflow

emergency dispatch monitoring desksNeeds for maximum space utilization, technology integration and user interface are also taken into account and met at equal levels with support from emergency dispatch monitoring desks. Its capabilities by no means end there, though. Just suppose, your organization is unexpectedly faced with operating on a larger scale as a result of widening the service area you are charged with monitoring. Without a sufficient number of systems to work from, handling the increased workflow that comes with this change will be challenging to say the least. While this problem might be too difficult for some systems to solve, this isn't the case with critical mission security consoles. Taking you from a single position configuration to an advanced dispatch control facility when additional workflow support is needed is actually a breeze. This is because they can altered to accommodate change with ease. Read more articles about these emergency dispatch monitoring desks

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