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Last updated: June 03, 2020

portable tank maintenance platformsThe easier it is to transport and ship military equipment, the better -- and this is doubly true for heavy-duty assets. For the units in the U.S. Armed Forces, portable tank maintenance platforms and ramps are valuable when moving from place to place.

The primary function of these modular universal deployable platforms and ramps is they allow military personnel to readily get underneath the tank to perform inspections, maintenance, and repairs. However, what makes this equipment a must-have is they fold in on themselves to become the size of an ISU 20-foot shipping container, so they can easily be shipped to just about any place in the world.

Since we launched our business 50-years ago, Southwest Solutions Group® has been delivering essential equipment to the U.S. military that helps them achieve their objectives. These foldable and portable tank maintenance platforms and ramps are just one of our many military product offerings. Read more about military deployment equipment.

Portable Maintenance Platforms and Ramps

For decades, armored tanks and vehicles have supported boots-on-the-ground military efforts by both protecting troops and providing them with unmatched firepower in combat situations. As mighty as these vehicles are, they are still subject to damage and wear and tear that comes from in the field and regular use. Like any operational vehicle, they need regular inspections, repair, and maintenance to keep them in optimal condition.

These portable tank maintenance platforms and ramps allow military personnel to raise the heavyweight tanks so that essential repair and maintenance work can more easily be performed on them. By simply driving the tanks onto the ramps, they can sit on the elevated platforms for inspection and repair work.

Without such ramps, which have a 75-ton capacity, it can be difficult to get underneath the vehicle and perform needed repair. The platforms and ramps also allow military personnel to wash the underbelly of the tanks, which is necessary to keep them in sound working order.

Portable Maintenance Platforms Are Designed for Easy Transport

transportable military vehicle inspection repair rampsThe portable tank maintenance platforms and ramps that support a 30-ton tank are massive. However, they were designed to be transported as conveniently as possible, given their size. Because they fold into a standard 20-foot ISU shipping container, they can be readily transported via freight rail car, boat, air, or even truck despite their capability.

Not only will these platforms and ramps fit into an ISU shipping container, they will also function in the same way so they can be loaded and unloaded using standard forklifts and other equipment. That is, the equipment has the same handling points or entry points as a shipping container so they can be lifted – and stacked – in a similar fashion.

These portable tank maintenance platforms and ramps fold onto themselves so that even though they are 60-feet long when extended, they are only 20-feet long when folded up. The two outer ramps, which form isosceles right triangles, are each 20-feet long. The center platform, which serves as the solid base, is also 20-feet long. When the two outer ramps unfold, it reveals a long, 60-foot total area. The outer pieces fit together as inverted diagonal triangles to form the rectangular, ISU shipping container.  

As an added safety feature, the 20-foot center platform comes with the option of integrated handrails so inspectors and other military personnel can securely walk the platforms. A middle 20-foot platform can be added to the module giving staff the ability to inspect or perform work on twice as many tanks.

Because these portable tank maintenance platforms and ramps fold to become a standard shipping container with the use of basic forklifts and equipment, you can deploy them in just about any situation. You have the flexibility and freedom to perform repairs and vehicle maintenance wherever you need to. As such, you are no longer dependent on permanent site ramps.

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