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Last updated: October 08, 2020

Turn Any Facility into Temporary Lodging with High-Capacity Sleeping Racks

high capacity sleeping rackSince 1969 Southwest Solutions Group® has delivered space-saving solutions to the U.S. military. In addition to our line of modular, high-efficiency housing products, we also offer high-capacity sleeping racks to make the most of existing building space. Useful in a surge billeting capacity, the sleeping racks are also deployable so they can be used for sustained presence in the military operating theater, crisis response, training exercises, and other expeditionary environments. They’re also suitable for civilian and humanitarian applications. No matter the purpose, these multi-level beds can turn any facility into a place to rest your head. Explore all of our military storage solutions here.

Save Money & Make Better Use of Your Space with Portable Sleeping Racks

These semi-permanent bed units turn previously overlooked space in your existing facilities – including garages, storage rooms, warehouses, hangars, etc. -- into lodging. This way, you can reduce expenses and housing costs by making use of space you already have instead of purchasing, renting, or leasing outside housing, tents, or shelters.

A single bed structure can sleep 12 individuals, but it takes up less room than you might expect. Since sleeping units are stacked three levels high, they occupy the square footage of four beds, tripling the capacity of a single-level sleeping solution. Their compact footprint allows you to efficiently house a large number of individuals in limited space. The racks also fold flat for dense packing and storage when not in use. They fit into standard ISO shipping containers for rapid deployment. Check out more military deployment equipment here.

Efficient Sleeping Racks Don’t Sacrifice Comfort for Convenience

portable sleeping quartersMade of quality materials, these temporary bed units are suitable for long-term or short-term use and can be slept in for several months. While convenient sleeping solutions are usually not known for their comfort, these sleeping racks effectively balance space efficiency with the comfort of the occupant.

The berths are generously spaced, with room for an occupant to sit up and stretch out. Each sleeping space comes with a privacy curtain and an optional locker, and there is room to store a personal kit at the foot of the bed. The racks are equipped with a ladder on each side for easy access to the upper-level bunks, and the top-level berths have a safety rail for occupant security.

Features/Specs of High-Capacity Sleeping Racks

  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • 12 sleeping positions per rack
  • Each rack measures 20’ long x 8’ wide x 10’-10” high
  • Each sleeping unit measures 120” long x 44” deep x 38” high
  • Each sleeping unit includes a privacy curtain, drop-in bed frame, and optional locker
  • Folds and packs into ISO shipping containers for rapid deployment
  • Includes ladders to easily reach upper levels
  • Suitable for civilian and military uses including surge billeting, deployment, training exercises, crisis response, humanitarian housing, camping, and festivals

Contact Us for High-Capacity Sleeping Racks

Southwest Solutions Group® offers high-capacity sleeping racks for surge billeting and other temporary lodging purposes. We also offer a wide range of products on GSA Schedule. Our staff members are dedicated to serving our military clients and are available to answer any questions you might have. Call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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