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Metal compact kitchen casework and millwork are customizable and modular solutions used for multiple applications across many industries, but the main verticals are acute care, government, and higher education. These solutions help businesses and organizations become more organized, allowing their owners to capitalize on cost, time savings, and overall productivity.

Flexibility of Casework and Modular Cabinets

school nursing lab casework cabinetsCasework, such as modular cabinets can be customized and designed to fit a variety of spaces or locations. Millwork like countertops and handles can also be fully customizable and built into any space. So how can they be used for demanding industries?

The healthcare industry not only benefits from customizable, adjustable, and flexible metal cabinetry and casework for organizational purposes, but it has also become necessary for operating rooms, labs, nurses’ stations, and more. Additionally, higher education and government facilities require lockers, reception areas, cabinets, office spaces, and more – all of which can be achieved with casework solutions. Click here to learn about the many ways you can use modular casework

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Compact Kitchens for Medical Needs

By having our solutions installed in medical workspaces such as nurse’s stations, pharmacies, and exam rooms, employees can keep valuable products or tools stored appropriately and will have prompt access to them. Particularly in pharmacy settings, medication or other prone-to-expire products can now be stored in nearby refrigerators, saving businesses money by not having to throw out spoiled prescriptions. Safety equipment like masks or gloves can be kept neatly in the modular cabinet drawers and cupboards for easy access. (See videos see videos)

Compact Kitchens for Government and Higher Education Needs

manufacturing breakroom laminate caseworkOur modularly designed products are functional, modifiable, and easily portable. Reusing these products in multiple environments can help companies and business owners save money. For example, our casework kitchens are used in student housing facilities or low-income housing. Kitchens can be installed in shared spaces, which can reduce costs drastically.

In offices, these kitchens can be installed in break rooms or reception areas. Having a break room with modular casework can lead to increased efficiency among employees. Access to compact kitchens encourages employees to stay at work during their breaks or lunch hours. With more space and time to relax, employees can get back to work on time.

Benefits of Metal Compact Kitchen Casework and Millwork

In any business, and especially in the industries above, time is money. It’s imperative to stay organized, have quick access to tools, and use funds effectively to achieve efficiency. Implementing our casework solutions will help you save money, decrease time in operations, increase organization, and enhance workplace performance.

Advantages of Casework

metal kitchen laboratory cabinetsCasework is produced to help facilitate change as it is adaptable and transferrable. Powder-coated metal kitchens are used for all kinds of technical work areas. Its durable finish withstands daily use and can come with built-in accessories, such as lockable drawers and doors with individually keyed locks. The metal casework has conveniently located data ports and electrical and gas outlets.

Impact-resistant bases, edge banding, and steel kick-plates resist wear and tear and minimize moisture wicking. The drawers close quietly and completely thanks to the soft-close feature. You can easily clean solid surface tops and angled or closed soffit tops to help break the chain of infection.

Movable casework allows you to install products in phases, and later to re-imagine and re-configure the layout as needs change. The flexibility helps to reduce the impact modifications have on the environment, while also decreasing your budget expenditures.

Advantages of Modular Millwork

modular millwork kitchen casework cabinetsModular millwork is customizable for a specific place or space. The great thing about this option is that we can design and construct items to fit precisely where you need them. We specialize in all types of pre-assembled modular millwork cabinets, including metal and stainless steel cabinets, anti-microbial cabinets, exam, and patient room cabinets, pharmacy and lab cabinets, and more. If you’re looking for more than cabinets, we also specialize in lockers, drawers, countertops, receptionist stations, or other custom-designed furniture. If you have an idea in mind, we can build it.

Our stainless steel millwork is designed with change in mind. It can be demounted and reinstalled with ease when you remodel, move, or expand any facility. The metal millwork won’t fall out of favor in healthcare or laboratory settings because it is easy to disinfect and stands up well to daily use. If you do eventually feel like a style update, a set of new drawer pulls, or cabinet handles could give your kitchen an affordable facelift. Click here to learn 10 reasons why you should choose modular millwork casework cabinets for your commercial application. 

Our Compact Kitchen and Other Options

We supply multiple versions of cabinets, drawers, countertops, worktops, panels, and walls in a variety of materials, colors, and customizable options to suit your needs.

Available Materials:

  • Quartz Countertops
  • Stainless Steel Handles
  • Stainless Steel Drop-In Sink bowl
  • Laminate
  • Thermofoil
  • Slate Tops & Locks
  • Powder Coated Steel & Aluminum

All of our casework is Greenguard certified. The Greenguard certification helps to promote reusing, recycling, and the sustainability of the products. Manufactured casework is designed to meet your requirements, and then it’s shipped assembled.

chemistry lab casegood storage

In addition to the selection of materials, you can choose from features and accessories such as full height drawers, transparent and frosted glass doors, enclosed drawer glides, self-closing drawers, adjustable and locking shelves. These features can be added to our base cabinets, sink cabinets, wall cabinets, solution walls, worktops, and others.

Available Features:

  • Faucet with Side Sprayer
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Dual Pull-Out Waste Bins
  • Sink Tilt-Out Tray
  • Pull-Out Breadboard
  • 2-Burner Ceran Cooktop
  • Refrigerator
  • Hidden Microwave
  • Storage Space Above & Below
  • Built-in Sink
  • Ice Maker

Design and Installation Services for Compact Kitchen Casework & Millwork

At Southwest Solutions Group®, we supply, design, and install all types of metal compact kitchen casework and millwork solutions that are used across multiple industries and applications. Please contact us, and we will put you in touch with your local representative to help with your compact kitchen needs, designs, and requirements.


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