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Hospital Transport Carts That Go Above & Beyond

internal hospital transport carts wire basketsYou already know that being able to access medical supplies when and where you need it is a paramount need in hospitals, urgent care clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Healthcare mobile modular sterile storage includes internal hospital transport carts that are designed for quick transport of medical supplies stored in baskets, trays, and shelves (see more medical carts). Having your supplies readily on hand improves your hospital's logistics, patient care, and general productivity, allowing staff to work more efficiently to ensure patient satisfaction.

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Transport Cart Features

The internal hospital transport carts are constructed from lightweight and sturdy anodized aluminum and equipped with sound-dampening runners so users can quickly retrieve the supplies they need without waking up the entire hospital. High quality wheels ensure easy maneuvering so users can transport the cart quickly and safely to where it needs to go. Though many applications use the carts for sterile storage and transfer, it can be used in many non-sterile applications as well. Additional features of the internal hospital transport carts include:

  • Space for 11 sets of runners, which can store 11 stainless steel wire baskets or shelves
  • healthcare mobile modular sterile storageRunners are easily height-adjustable without the need for tools
  • U- and L-profile allows different types of baskets
  • Corrosion-free lightweight anodized aluminum is easy to clean and disinfect
  • Bumpers on the front of the cart to prevent damage to surroundings or the cart itself
  • Easily maneuverable castors (four non-marking grey swivel wheels)
  • Two brakes on front wheels make the cart easy to block
  • Easy and quick do-it-yourself assembly in 9 simple steps
  • Available in 1 or 2 columns
  • Vertical push handles further increase the cart's ease of mobility
  • High pressure laminate shelf for extra work space
  • Sterile cart stainless steel and carts with closing doors are also available

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