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Last updated: July 06, 2020

Dental Office Use Mobile Storage Shelving

mobile storage shelving for patient files maximizes space

A group of dentists moving to a new location wanted to renovate, but the small space was going to limit what they could accomplish. Working with the architect, mobile storage shelving was included to optimize the file storage area. Because of the space savings offered by the mobile storage shelving, the dental office was able to bring their original design to life. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

What the Dental Office Wanted in their New Location

A group dental practice was moving into a new location, but before the move, the dentists wanted to redesign the space. The group’s priority for the new dental office was to create comfortable, state-of-the-art treatment rooms for their patients in addition to creating an office setting with all-around aesthetic appeal.

The dental office manager worked with a local a local architect to bring the design to life. But once everything was designed, they realized there was a very small space for storage. With seven dentists on staff, over 5,000 patients and an ever-increasing volume of patient files – currently 10,000 files and growing – they wondered how they were going to fit everything they needed to store while keeping everything the same in their design.

How Mobile Storage Shelving Worked to Optimize the Small Space

The architect proposed using mobile storage shelving to optimize the small amount of storage space in the dental office. Because the mobile shelving compacts together and doesn’t require multiple access aisles, the typical amount of space required for storage can be cut in half, or you can double your storage capacity in the same amount of space that traditional file cabinets use.

dental office uses mobile shelving in the new buildingThe mobile storage shelving was placed in the file room and stores the active files for all of the dentists in addition to the group’s inactive files. The mobile system optimized the very small space that was available in the dental office and increased the overall storage capacity.

The Addition of Rotary Cabinets Gives the Dental Office a Professional Appearance

Because the dental office optimized the space in the file room, they were able to add two rotary cabinets in the outer office area behind the reception desk to store pediatric and orthodontic patient files. The cabinets were framed in wood and when closed, provide the professional, uncluttered appearance the dental office wanted.

In addition to the aesthetic qualities, the rotary cabinets offer a secure means of storing files. When the doors are closed and locked, records are kept confidential and secure from unauthorized viewers.

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