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Last updated: September 22, 2017

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We have a variety of hospital case carts for rolling medical surgery supplies and catheter storage. These hospital case carts are completely modular, allowing you to configure your storage to your exact specifications now and in the future. Hundreds of configurations and a wide variety of accessories make it easy to safely and securely store, transport, and access medical and surgery supplies. Click here to see more hospital case carts.

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Cart Type

Standard-Duty Carts
(800# Capacity)
Heavy-Duty Carts
(1200# Capacity)
Doublewide Carts
(1200# Capacity)
Carts with Plastic Baskets SMS-49-PS-S2475-8PT SMS-49-PS-SBC58-6PT SMS-49-PS-DBC-14PT
Carts with Wire Baskets SMS-49-PS-S2475-8WB SMS-49-PS-SBC58-6WB SMS-49-PS-DBC-14WB
Carts with Wire Pull-out Shelves SMS-49-PS-S2475-7S SMS-49-PS-SBC58-6S SMS-49-PS-DBC-14S
Combo Cart with Baskets & Shelves N/A N/A SMS-49-PS-DBC-7WB7S


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