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Vizient contracted supplier Two Bin Kanban Storage System for Managing Medical Supplies

kanban two bin nursing supply management and storage system

Two Bin Kanban Storage System for Medical Supply Rooms

The Two Bin Kanban Storage System is a superior way to manage inventory in hospital medical supply rooms. The Two Bin Kanban Storage System uses less time to manage and eliminates inventory waste and errors to improve patient flow and efficiency of hospital staff. If you are a Supply Chain Manager, Nurse, or Materials Manager currently using the PAR system then keep reading to see how you can make your job easier while saving your hospital money. (view images of the Two Bin Kanban Storage System)

How Our Two Bin Kanban System Works for Managing Medical Supply Rooms

rfid stockcard for stockbox nursing supply management

The first step in setting up a Two Bin Kanban Storage System is subdividing your bins front to back, side to side, or you can use two separate bins. Each portion of the bin contains an equal supply of products based on Par levels. When the supplies from the primary side of the bin are empty then the bin label (called a StockCard) is removed from the label-holder and dropped into a device called a StockBox. When the StockCard label is removed a red label affixed to the bin front will show indicating the bin is waiting to be replenished. The StockCard has a black strip for color recognition and contains a RFID chip that is specific to the bin's product. When the RFID StockCard is dropped into the StockBox a message is sent to the materials management inventory system that the medical supplies for that specific bin have reached a restocking level and need to be replenished to maintain inventory.

Now the materials management software can generate a restocking pick list with the items that need to be replenished. When the materials management personnel arrive at the supply room open the StockBox and confirm the items have been restocked by waving the StockCard over the StockBox. The StockCard is returned to the front of the bin and the supplies in the secondary portion of the bin are moved to the primary area of the bin to make certain the oldest products are used first completing the restocking process.

Benefits of Using the Two Bin Kanban System Over the PAR System

There are numerous benefits to using the Two Bin Kanban Storage System over a PAR system. Some of the benefits include:

  • No manual counting of supplies several times a day
  • Medical supplies are rotated
  • Estimated reduction of inventory using the Two Bin Kanban Storage System is 20% to 30%
  • No overstocking
  • Reduction of stock-outs
  • No hoarding of products

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