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Vizient contracted supplier Real-Time Medical Supplies Inventory Tracking for Hospitals

rfid stockbox real-time hospital inventory tracking systems on Vizient contract

Real-Time Hospital Inventory Tracking Systems

Real-time medical supplies inventory tracking systems, StockBox, Smart Cabinet, and Asset Monitoring Software, will revolutionize inventory management for all types of healthcare facilities. These inventory tracking systems use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to trigger restocking levels automatically to alleviate out of stock and overstock concerns. (view images of real-time medical supplies inventory tracking systems)

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StockBox Real-Time Medical Supplies Inventory Tracking System

The StockBox can be used for tracking medical supplies in OR supply rooms, pharmacies, nursing supply rooms, or any other area where efficient inventory management is necessary to reduce cost and increase product availability. The RFID StockBox works in conjunction with a Kanban two bin system where supplies are placed in a primary bin and secondary bin.

Once the medical supplies in the primary bin have been used, an RFID-enabled stock card is pulled from a holder on the front of the bin and dropped in the StockBox. This triggers and sends an electronic notification (including the item quantity and location) to the materials management team for replenishment. While the supplies are waiting to be re-stocked, the secondary bin becomes the new primary bin. The new medical supplies are then re-stocked in the secondary bin and the stock cards are returned to their respective cardholders.

real-time hospital supply chain inventory tracking system on Vizient contract

The SmartCabinet Real-Time Medical Supplies Inventory Tracking System

The SmartCabinet is designed for catheter labs, interventional radiology labs, and operating rooms to optimize the inventory of high-value medical devices and products (ex. stents, catheters, implants). The SmartCabinet also manages consignment purchasing to keep costs down while right-sizing hospital inventory.

RFID labels are placed on the medical device's package or box. Then it is scanned and enrolled into the SmartCabinet tracking system. Once the medical device is enrolled, it is placed into the SmartCabinet. When a nurse or technician needs a medical device or product, they just open the SmartCabinet's door and remove the desired medical device. As soon as the device is removed from the shelf, the Smart Cabinet RFID tag automatically records and tracks it. This system lets material managers and hospital staff accurately manage inventory cost levels, expiration dates for medical products, and supply usage.

Asset Monitoring Software Real-Time Medical Supplies Inventory Tracking System

Asset Monitoring Software relies on RFID technology to keep track of hospital equipment, patients, supplies, and more in real-time. The Asset Monitoring Software keeps tabs on “movable” assets and triggers events based on location and status. The Asset Monitoring Software sends alerts (text messages, emails, etc) for informed, real-time decision making. Also, depending on the conditions, the software can activate alarms or close doors. The Asset Monitoring Software presents an end-to-end solution for healthcare facilities that want to ensure maximum operational efficiency while improving patient care.

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