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Vizient contracted supplier High Capacity Storage for Glass Slides & Paraffin Blocks

mobile shelving storing glass slides and paraffin blocks

High Capacity Storage Solutions to Help Your Lab Save Space Storing Glass Slides & Paraffin Blocks

As your storage and hospital space costs continue to grow, you may want to consider a couple of high capacity storage solutions to organize and safely store your glass slides and paraffin blocks. These high capacity storage solutions are specifically designed to efficiently organize and maximize the storage of glass slides and paraffin blocks. (view images of these high capacity storage systems for glass slides and paraffin blocks)

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mobile shelving is space saving high density storage on medassets contract

High Capacity Storage Solution #1: Movable Aisle Shelving

Everything about the Movable Aisle Shelving is designed to maximize every inch of space for storing glass slides and paraffin blocks. Movable Aisle Shelving removes unnecessary access aisles and compacts to save floor space. To save even more space, the shelves are adjustable, which means the glass slides and paraffin blocks stack vertically with little wasted space. In addition, the Movable Aisle Shelving can be designed from 48" high all the way to the room’s ceiling height if needed. The Movable Aisle Shelving’s heavy duty construction can easily handle the weight of the glass slides and paraffin blocks. Both pathology and histology labs will be able to at least double their storage capacity using Movable Aisle Shelving.

Benefits of Movable Aisle Shelving for Storing Glass Slides and Paraffin Blocks Storage

Here are just some of the benefits of using Movable Aisle Shelving for storing glass slides and paraffin blocks:

  • Shelves designed specifically for all types of storage trays
  • Optional locking mechanisms to secure stored paraffin blocks and glass slides
  • Infrared aisle safety sensors to protect glass slides and paraffin blocks
  • Maximizing paraffin block and glass slide storage capacity in a minimal amount of floor space
  • Better organization

vertical carousels for long term glass slide storage

High Capacity Storage Solution #2: Vertical Carousels

While the tissue and blood specimens are being tested and analyzed, they need to be easy to locate and retrieve. We provide fixed shelving with drawers for short-term paraffin block and glass slide storage. The paraffin blocks and glass slides are arranged in trays that fit into the shelving drawers. This system keeps them easily accessible and organized.

Once the tissue specimens are ready to be archived, the technician can remove the entire tray and move it to the basement where the high capacity Vertical Carousels are located. A Vertical Carousel is a fully enclosed cabinet system with rotating shelves that move up and down along guide tracking to deliver stored slides to an ergonomic work counter. 

BIM Pathology Blood Slide Storage Vertical Carousels                  revit bim models




Wt Fully Loaded

Avg Access Time





Note: All units are 71.26" wide by 36.4" deep

SSG-115-1310N 86.6 2,469 lbs. 6,343 lbs. 4.6 13 286 274,560 pathology blood slide vertical carousel
SSG-115-1410N 88.6 2,580 lbs. 6,752 lbs. 5 14 308 295,680
SSG-115-1510N 94.5 2,716 lbs. 7,186 lbs. 5.4 15 330 316,800
SSG-115-1610N 98.4 2,841 lbs. 7,609 lbs. 5.7 16 352 337,920
SSG-115-1710N 104.3 2,978 lbs. 8,044 lbs. 6.1 17 374 359,040
SSG-115-1810N 108.3 3,099 lbs. 8,463 lbs. 6.4 18 396 380,160
SSG-115-1910N 114.2 3,236 lbs. 8,898 lbs. 6.8 19 418 401,280
SSG-115-2110N 118.1 3,359 lbs. 9,319 lbs. 7.1 20 440 422,400
SSG-115-2110N 124 3,498 lbs. 9,756 lbs. 7.5 21 462 443,520
SSG-115-2210N 128 3,635 lbs. 10,191 lbs. 7.9 22 484 464,640

Benefits of Vertical Carousels for Storing Paraffin Blocks and Glass Slides

glass slides stored in vertical carousels for high density storage

The Vertical Carousels offer many benefits for storing paraffin blocks and glass slides including:

  • Dramatically increases tissue and blood specimen storage capacity
  • Stores everything in the same trays to prevent re-organizing it
  • Eliminates the need to bend over or stand on a ladder to retrieve stored specimens
  • Protects paraffin blocks and glass slides from dust, dirt, and insects
  • Locking door keeps everything safe and secure
  • Extends vertically turning unused overhead space into productive storage space

Contact Us for More Information on High Capacity Storage Solutions for Paraffin Blocks and Glass Slides

We provide pathology and histology labs with high capacity Movable Aisle Shelving and Vertical Carousels for storing paraffin blocks and glass slides. Contact us by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with a representative today.

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