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Rising energy and construction costs tied to limited hospital budgets and restrictive legislation contribute to the complexity of the storage space dilemma confronting healthcare administrators today. Ever-growing requirements for productive and space efficient Healthcare Filing and Storage Solutions are universal to all segments of the medical industry. From the most simplistic physician’s medical office to the newest and most comprehensive state-of-the-art hospital facility. Each new development in healthcare delivery is accompanied by a requisite demand for the storage of instruments, supplies, medications and/or records. Southwest Solutions Group® has storage and filing solutions to make your facility more productive and space efficient.

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Other Healthcare Filing and Storage Solutions

Innovative Filing and Storage Solutions

Innovative filing and storage solutions result in time ans space savings for healthcare facilities. Innovative storage solutions like our NurseServer and PatientServer that reduces patient room intrusions and increases the nurse’s time with their patients, or how about our 7′ high healthcare carts designed for the flexibility to change to meet multiple applications that have one common goal – increase productivity and save valuable floorspace.

Regulatory Changes Effect Your Filing and Storage Areas

Government regulations effect the way healthcare facilities manage their documents and space. For example, HIPAA has created new restrictions on the way records and charts are handled creating new storage and filing requirements. USP-797 regulations are creating new requirements for sterile preparation areas which impact the need for more efficient space saving storage solutions and flexible modular casework cabinets.

Healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations

Southwest Solutions Group represents multiple manufacturers with Group Purchasing Organizations Contracts. Some of the purchasing groups include Premier, Amerinet, Novation, Broadlane, MedAssets, ROI, Magnet, and Direct Medical (MHA).

Healthcare Filing and Storage Design and Planning Assistance

Assisting healthcare professionals with designing and planning innovative solutions is an important part of our business. Our experienced team of storage and filing professionals are ready to share the latest methods and technologies to solve your facilities space and productivity challenges. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message for a free consultation of your filing or storage area.

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