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Compact Mail Sorting & Document Storage

mail sorter high density mobile shelvingMail sorters on high density mobile shelving provide furniture on rolling sliders that saves space while increasing your mail storage capacity. Designed for areas with limited floor space, the high density mail sorters are great for offices as well as universities, pharmacies, hospitals, government facilities, and other applications that receive large volumes of items to be distributed to individuals. Click here to watch how the high density mobile shelving works.

Mailroom Sorter Furniture on Rolling Sliders

With a modular design, the mail sorters are completely adjustable depending on your needs. Interchangeable slide-out trays, shelves, drawers, and dividers allow you to quickly change your sorter to adapt to your processing and distribution priorities. Incoming mail is easy to identify and sort, as well as other items like pharmaceutical drugs. They're also great for storing and organizing brochures and literature, shipping supplies, and more. Labels make each compartment easily identifiable so users can quickly find what they need.

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When mounted on rolling sliders, the high density mobile mail sorters provide even more savings by allowing you to place a large number of sorting modules in a small floor space. When not in use, the modules remain compacted together with no aisle space in between. To access a module, the user simply turns a handle or presses a button to open up an aisle space where it's needed.

It may not seem like much, but aisle space between rows of storage modules can take up a ton of floorspace that could be used for other productive activities. Getting rid of these unnecessary aisles can give you the same amount of storage in half the space compared to static shelves, or you can double your storage capacity in the same floorspace.

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