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Work Safe to Eliminate Repetitive Motion Injuryhelp eliminate repetitive motion injury with adjustable height workstations

There are many factors that increase the probability that your workers will suffer from repetitive motion injury (RMI): performing the same motion over and over; frequent unassisted heavy lifting; using tools that vibrate or have a high impact; and working in one position or in an unnatural position for long periods of time. There are many different strategies for reducing RMI in your workplace. One of the most popular solutions is adjustable height ergonomic chairs. However, proper workplace ergonomics shouldn’t just be limited to chairs; they should extend to all work surfaces. That is why our online partner, StoreMoreStore, offers Adjustable Height Workstations and Variable Height Ergonomic Tables for both office and industrial applications.

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Adjustable Height Workstations Boost Ergonomics to Increase Productivity

adjustable height workstations increase productivity

The Adjustable Height Workstations allow each employee to set the appropriate height for their personal workspace and change it whenever their circumstances change. This way, the employee can rest their arms comfortably and avoid prolonged body positions that promote repetitive motions injuries.

Adjustable Height Workstations also include a rolled front table edge to reduce pressure on an employee’s forearms, and a footrest offers the option for workers to elevate their feet and take weight off their thighs throughout the day. When employees are supported with appropriate ergonomic workstation, they are less prone to repetitive motion injuries. Employers benefit from fewer workers’ comp claims, higher productivity, less worker fatigue, and better quality workmanship.

Variable Height Ergonomic Tables Provide Many Benefits

save space with corner variable height ergonomic tablesSome of the benefits of using Variable Height Ergonomic Tables are:

  • You can automatically lower or raise the table's worksurface with just the push of a button.
  • Variable Height Ergonomic Tables are ideal for shared workstations because each employee can adjust the table height to meet their ergonomic needs.
  • Adjustable height tables give employees the option to work standing up or sitting down.
  • You can use the tables with your existing panel systems with minimal retrofitting.
  • Corner unit tables are available to provide maximum space efficiency.

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