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Last updated: October 01, 2020

dual computer screens can easily fit on the adjustable height deskCreate a Sit Or Stand Up Workstation for Your Employee’s Health

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Numerous studies have shown that working while sitting down for long hours every day can be bad for your health. Many offices are now giving employees who sit for long periods of time, the option to work sitting or standing. If your office wants a healthy change to better your employee’s working conditions and ergonomics, consider our Adjustable Height Desk Platforms. These innovative Sit and Stand Up Workstations give your employees options for how they want to work which will improve their energy, morale, and productivity.

Features and Benefits of the Adjustable Height Desk Platform

Our Adjustable Height Desk Platforms are cost effective solutions for providing a Sit and Stand Up Workstation for your employees because they can be added to an existing desk avoiding the cost of an entirely new adjustable height desk. Here are just some of the features and benefits of the Adjustable Height Desk Platforms:

Variable Heights available with a Sit and Stand Up Workstation

  • Sits on top of most desks or cubical work surfaces
  • Quickly transitions from sitting to standing height
  • Ergonomic design will allow it to adjust to fit almost any user’s height
  • Monitors and keyboard platforms are spring assisted to easily lift to the desired height
  • Built in adjustable keyboard tray
  • Lift platform surface is 36”x23” to fit a dual monitor set up

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