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Last updated: February 24, 2017

Storing Large Biological Evidence Long-Term

large biological evidence stored in industrial mobile rackingBecause of advances in DNA testing, preserving biological evidence is more important than ever before. But there are several significant challenges to properly storing any type of biological evidence for a lengthy or indefinite amount of time. One of those challenges is the long-term storage of large or bulky items. We have the solution to solve this problem: industrial mobile racking.

Large Evidence Takes Up Excessive Space

In most cases, biological evidence samples will be removed from large bulky items like couches, carpeting, or drywall will be taken off of the larger item and stored separately. If the items are well documented and the samples have been stored safely, it may not be necessary to retain the actual item the sample was removed from.

However, there may be instances where the larger piece needs to be stored for the life of the case. If this is the situation, it may take up an excessive amount of space in the property or evidence storage room.

Industrial Mobile Racking Saves Space

Through the use of an industrial mobile racking system, these large items are easily stored indefinitely in a reasonable amount of space. An example of how industrial mobile racking was used to store large, bulky evidence can be found in the Houston Police Department (HPD) Property Room. industrial mobile racking for houston police evidence storage

The importance of DNA evidence had significantly increased the amount items the HPD needed to collect and store long term. Project challenges included:

  • Safeguard the integrity of evidence
  • Accommodate up to one million different items with unique space needs from drugs and jewelry to bicycles, car bumpers and washing machines
  • Easily and efficiently store, locate and retrieve any evidence item
  • Optimize the capacity given unique building angles

With the use of industrial mobilized storage systems, HPD was able to reduce the building envelope by 30 percent, saving significant construction costs without sacrificing storage space. And best of all, they are now able to properly preserve biological evidence – even if that evidence is large and bulky.

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