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Last updated: December 18, 2017

Rolling police shelves save space keeping evidence organized

rolling police shelves hang railsRolling police shelves that hang from rails up above slide into a compact footprint to save space and create storage that promotes keeping property room evidence organized. Units install suspended on overhead tracks with support from steel uprights that provide durability. Each includes an innovative trolley mechanism that allows users to move the shelving with ease from side to side without wheels or rails touching the floor. The systems come as kits that include components which span 8, 10 or 12-feet wide to maximize capacity and provide easy access to stored items. They're great to use in smaller police departments that struggle to manage inventory according to the proper chain of custody while operating with limited funds to improve facility storage.

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User benefits for rolling police shelves

slide compact storage property room evidenceThe rolling police shelves that hang from rails up above utilize less space while operating in a more efficient capacity. Users can look forward to reaping many rewards with its installation, including:

  • Users can gain complete storing capacity without the need to factor in any construction, which saves money while making it easier to manage an overcrowded evidence room
  • Save time that would otherwise go to waste while searching for and retrieving items faster and with ease

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  • Make evidence rooms a more organized and productive workspace for departmental personnel such as evidence technicians and officers
  • Systems can relocate with ease if users need to renovate or receive a new facility
  • Install the systems on your own to speed use or consult with trained installers who can lend a hand

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