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Last updated: February 24, 2017

improved evidence storage

lockable secure mobile storage systems for storing police evidenceA police department quickly ran out of space in their current facility, but expansion, renovation, or relocation wasn't an option they could consider. Instead, they needed a storage solution that would take back their storage space and increase their capacity in the same space or less while still providing the security needed for storing high profile evidence. Luckily, the lockable and secure mobile storage systems were able to provide all of these needs and more for storing evidence in their existing police products

security & space savings

The police department was out of space in their current 4,200 square foot facility, but there was no room to expand. They needed a storage system that was versatile and flexible in design while still offering secured storage for separating high profile evidence. Organization of items and ease of accessibility and retrieval were also important features of the storage system they needed.

A high-density mechanical assist lockable and secure mobile storage system with adjustable 4-post shelves, bin compartments, and an ergonomic waist-high security lock to secure evidence was developed according to their specifications. Traditional shelving requires the use of multiple aisles at all times, which wastes space. This storage system doubled their storage capacity in the same footprint because it requires only one movable access aisle at a time, while the rest of the shelving is compacted together on mobile carriages. To access an aisle, the operator simply turns an ergonomically designed three-spoke crank.

Unique features of the lockable mobile systems:police department enhances security & space savings with mobile storage

  • Waist-high carriage lock
  • Bin compartments and accessories created with 4-post shelving
  • Shelving is adjustable to accommodate a variety of items and evidence taken into custody including computers, golf clubs, stereo equipment, fishing rods—even kitchen sinks

Additional benefits the police department experienced by installing the secure mobile storage systems:

  • The system, located in a double-locked room, can also be locked down independently for added security
  • Weapons and narcotics can be secured separately from other evidence with the bin compartments
  • The system is easy to move and ADA compliant
  • The system can be expanded or reconfigured at any time to adapt to their changing needs

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