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Last updated: February 24, 2017

Police Department Gets Space Efficient with Mobile Shelving

mobile shelving for long-term property evidence storageAt a police department’s headquarters, they needed a solution for long-term property and evidence storage at the central repository. The department chose to use mobile shelving to solve their storage problem because it protects the chain of custody, while expediting item retrieval. Additionally, mobile shelving optimizes severely limited space for storing evidence indefinitely, or until it’s disposed.

Police Department’s Central Repository Needs Solutions to Optimize Space

At headquarters where the central repository is located, limited space for property and evidence storage reached the saturation point. In addition, stationary shelving, static pallet racking and traditional file cabinets impeded staff members’ ability to access items conveniently and handle them in accordance with standard procedures. Building expansion was not an option– yet the volume of evidence continued to grow. A long-term storage solution was needed to:

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  • Allow quick access to evidence, including items needed on short notice
  • Make the best use of severely limited space
  • Ensure safety for staff members

How Mobile Shelving Meets the Department’s Property and Evidence Storage Needs

mobile shelving for storing police department mvr tapes and boxesAt the central repository, several powered mobile shelving systems were designed and installed including:

Four Mobile Shelving Systems for General Property and Evidence

Four, 10-foot-high powered mobile shelving systems, which are 18 feet long and as much as 52 inches deep, are used to house everything from tire rims to computers. The systems incorporate heavy-duty shelves in varied heights to accommodate property and evidence of virtually any size.

Mobile Shelving for Storing Firearms

To maximize the use of limited space, the mobile shelving was designed with narrow shelves to store pistols and wider shelves to store rifles.

Mobile Shelving for Storing CDS

To save space and ensure security, CDS items are stored at the central repository in powered mobile shelving located in a secure vault. The unit has a total of eight carriages measuring 18 feet long and 36 inches wide.

Mobile Shelving for MVR Tapes

A large mobile shelving system at the central repository allows the department to store as many as 25,000 incoming MVR tapes per year – and do so indefinitely.

Contact Us for Help Storing Evidence at Your Police Department

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