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Last updated: February 24, 2017

Improving Evidence Storage Efficiencies in New Facility

police department evidence storage with compact mobile shelvingA police department uses compact mobile shelving for evidence storage to save space and improve organization. After 40 years in the same building, the police department was overcrowded and out of space. When it received funding to build a new facility, police personnel took the opportunity to evaluate the most efficient methods of storage and designed a state-of-the-art property and evidence operation.

Why Proper Evidence Storage Was So Important to The Police Department

Property and evidence management is a critical aspect of law enforcement, which is why it was important in the new facility to make sure they had a well-managed, organized property area that would maintain the integrity of case evidence. The project manager for new facility construction and support services lieutenant in charge of evidence, was very careful in planning his design.

After significant field research evaluating other evidence storage operations and solutions, he created an evidence room that features a unique container storage strategy and a compact mobile shelving system – all contained within a secured access vault.

New Evidence Inventory Methods Improve Organizationbuy police products

When evidence is submitted, property officers put it in a container (box, bin or envelop), assign a barcode number, place it on a shelf, and then enter the location into the computer system. Envelopes are stored in custom designed bins on stationary shelving in numerical order. If the case involves many items or larger items, they are stored together in a large cardboard box. The boxes are placed on the compact mobile shelving in dated, sequential order.

It was the department’s priority to have a space efficient storage area and to improve productivity by speeding up property retrieval times. This was accomplished by using the compact mobile system in conjunction with the new process for assigning and storing evidence.

Compact Mobile Shelving Saves Space and Money

compact mobile shelving saves space storing police evidenceThe compact mobile shelving in the evidence room saved the police department 1,200 square feet and approximately $50,000 in new construction costs. Originally, when the architect did a space assessment, he estimated 10,000 square feet of space was needed for property and evidence work and storage areas. By using compact mobile shelving and new inventory methods, the department only needed a total 3,500 square feet of space.

Compact Mobile Shelving Improves Productivity and Saves Time

Previously, the department had 14-foot-high stationary shelving. Whenever they ran out of space, more shelving more shelving was added, which led to several adjacent storage rooms of evidence. Property officers had to do a lot of walking to retrieve an item and because so many items were stored up high, they often had to wheel a ladder around the room to gain access, which was very cumbersome and time consuming.

The compact mobile system speeds property retrieval time by minimizing walking distances, keeping things at reachable height, and aiding in locating dated evidence. The oldest case evidence is stored on the top shelves, while the newest evidence is stored in the middle and on the bottom. This system aids in retrieval because property officers know where to look for evidence based on the case date and places the most requested boxes in easy to access areas of the compact mobile shelving.

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