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Last updated: February 24, 2017

How high density mobile systems work to add storage space

high density mobile systemsAdhering to a proper chain of custody when processing and storing evidence left at a crime scene is imperative if a case has any chance of being solved. However, a shortage of financial resources and lack of space for storage sometimes cause improper handling of evidence to occur. Using high density mobile systems can help you change that, though. This is because they effectively add storage space for holding long-term evidence by pressing together when a button is pushed or a handle is turned. Excess aisles are eliminated as a result, leaving space for increased storage capacity. See how a police department uses temporary and high density mobile systems to add storage space and secure evidence.

High density mobile systems provide flexibility

No matter the size of your agency, these high density mobile systems will add storage space for holding long-term evidence well into the future. The system can be configured to accommodate additional storage needs as inventory grows. This will make the task of keeping evidence for extended periods of time easier on law enforcement, especially if the holding time for evidence connected to certain offenses is prolonged. In addition, there is a level of flexibility provided by these systems that makes them cost effective when used. This is because they can be made to function with shelving that already exists. It is this reason that makes them a more practical solution to solving the issue of storage space, than that of leasing off-site storage. Not only are they affordable, but they allow for evidence to be kept close at hand for improved accessibility when investigating crimes. 

High density mobile systems save space improving productivity

add storage space for holding long term evidenceA considerable amount of space is also saved when using these high density mobile systems. Because these systems are designed to operate in a smaller footprint than those of traditional storage cabinets, law enforcement agencies are supplied with the room they need to be more productive. In addition, evidence of every shape and size is organized and stored more efficiently. Adding security locks also protects its integrity and ensures it remains uncompromised while in custody. Watch a high density mobile system storing evidence in action. 

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