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Last updated: March 06, 2020

Ceiling-suspended art rack storage makes space for more productive uses

ceiling suspended art rack storageLibraries are no longer just the place to go for a good book. As the needs of patrons have evolved over the years, many libraries have expanded their services and programming to include everything from computer access and language courses to family movie nights and craft classes. More of an effort has been made to provide the community with exposure to arts and culture by displaying traveling art exhibitions there, too! Unfortunately, these activities require room to function. But, there is less space available to handle the expansion of services and programming as it continues to grow. The issue of space or lack there of has caused many libraries to be selective about what they offer. And often times, due to budget constraints, they are forced to completely cut out services and programming, reducing it to just what is absolutely necessary. Well, don't resign yourself to limiting programming just yet. Change the way the traveling art exhibitions are setup for viewing instead. Using ceiling-suspended art rack storage or space-efficient pullout exhibition panels for displaying treasured works of art will keep pieces out of the reach of small children, as well as give you back the space you need for more productive uses. And the minds of library users will continue to grow because you'll have room to offer a more comprehensive range of programming and services to accommodate the needs of both the young and old. In addition, since resources available at the library are of little or no cost to patrons, there will also be the added benefit of serving as a cost-effective alternative to museums for those wanting exposure to art.

Ceiling-suspended art rack storage preserves artwork

This ceiling-suspended art rack storage effectively preserves the look of artwork featured in exhibitions because they are crafted from the thickest gauge aluminum horizontal diamond mesh material possible. They are then flattened and de-burred to keep stored art and users safe. Harm to pieces on display due to vibrations is kept at a minimum with the help of an overhead track and precision frictionless roller guide trolley. The use of an anti-sway guide wheel mounted at the front base prohibits swaying. These features, along with controlled deceleration, work in harmony to ensure the space-efficient exhibitions panels safeguard collections from damage when pulled in any direction.

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High capacity ceiling suspended art rack storage

space efficient pullout exhibition panelsThis ceiling-suspended art rack storage also has a higher capacity than other art storage systems of similar design. Designed to accommodate artwork of every shape and size, libraries can easily display collections of varying sizes with these space-efficient pullout exhibitions panels in place. This means they won't have to decline opportunities to display exhibitions at their location due to a lack of storage space. And, it is even far less likely, they'll have to cut down on programming. They can continue to enrich and influence lives by offering an enhanced experience to those they serve, instead. Watch video of rolling high capacity artwork storage system in action

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