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Last updated: August 07, 2017

University Needs to Store Over a Million Books in New Library

compact moveable shelving stores university library booksWhen a local university built a new library, they needed an efficient way to store over a million volumes of books. The university wanted to minimize construction requirements yet provide ample reading and work areas for students. To meet these demands the university incorporated compact moveable shelving in both the main open stack areas and staff support areas of the library.

Challenges the University Faced Designing the Library

Previously, the university used three buildings to house the library collection. Books were shelved on 17 floors and were classified under two systems. Another addition to the existing buildings would have caused more havoc to the library.

Also, the way patrons use the library has changed. Demand for the availability of paper copies in the library is still there, but has significantly declined. Researchers and students can now find most of what they need, whether its full-text books or journal articles, online. And only rarely do they need the physical paper copy.

compact moveable shelving stores over million booksThe best solution for the university to meet its needs was to build one efficient, up-to-date library that would expand seating and work space, and use compact moveable shelving to house the entire book collection.

Compact Moveable Shelving Gives Library Ample Space for Work Areas

Powered compact moveable shelving systems, equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems, provided the security needed in 24-hour open access areas. In the main library there are a total of 37 miles of moveable shelving. In the main stacks, occupying three and one-half floors, there are 381 moveable shelving ranges. On other floors are additional systems in the staff support areas storing microfilm/microfiche and audiovisual equipment.

Because the university used compact moveable shelving for book storage, there was enough space for tables and 3,000 seats, 600 computer carrels, and 57 group work rooms – all things the university wanted in its new library.

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