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Last updated: August 07, 2017

Cantilever shelving on compact mobile bookcases made to fit into less space

cantilever shelvingWith the existence of the Internet and improved technology advancing at a high-rate of speed, we can now access information on a wide range of topics faster than ever before. Some may say it has made the old way of gathering information such as reading it from book unnecessary, even obsolete. To their credit, libraries have tried to keep pace with technology by making reference materials such as periodicals accessible through an online database or offering books in an electronic format. Despite their best efforts, however, the range of accessibility that the World Wide Web offers users is unmatched. Add to that the number of materials that go unaccounted for each year, and it's easy to see why libraries find it hard to compete. For this reason, many institutions have taken to modernizing themselves with cantilever shelving on compact mobile bookcases. In addition to serving as a place for storing books in a neat and organized fashion, they create space for library growth because they can be made to fit into a smaller footprint for increased storage capacity. This is made possible with the assistance of an electronic push button or three-spoke turn handle, located on the outer panel of the shelving. As the shelves are condensed into less space, idle floor space once used to accommodate access aisles is instead turned into viable storage space.

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Do more with cantilever shelving on compact mobile bookcases

on compact mobile bookcasesAn assortment of optional features, which can be added without any hassle, allow for libraries who use cantilever shelving on compact mobile bookcases to do more than just store books. Because the systems are highly adaptable, they can be made to hold everything from books and magazines to DVDs and CDs with assistance from specialty shelving and accessories. This may include, but is not limited to multimedia browsing boxes, hanging wire supports that snap into place and media bag racks. Use of specialty shelving and accessories like these not only help to organize library holdings of every shape and size, but also make their easier to locate when searched for by patrons.

Cantilever shelving on compact mobile bookcases improve access to library holdings

create space for library growthBecause cantilever shelving on compact mobile bookcases create space for library growth by taking up less room than more conventional storage, these systems serve as a good solution for institutions looking to become a more integral part of the community once again. This is because the extra space can be used to expand resources to include materials that cover a wider range of interests. And, in doing so, access to a more comprehensive collection of library holdings is made available. Click here to watch how a library was able to create space for growth by using compact mobile shelving.

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