Library Storage Shelving and Library Furniture

Library Storage and Furniture Solutions is more than just books on a shelf. It is an information resource center for all types of information (view library storage image gallery). Today’s resource information comes in many different shapes and sizes other than just books. Southwest Solutions Group specializes in storing all types of library information efficiently. But storing library items efficiently is just part of the goal; the stored items need to be easily identified so visitors can easily find what they are looking for. Whether you’re interested in storing traditional library books or have an over-sized special resource item, we can help you.


Library Compact Bookstack Shelving storage systems

Spacesaver Compact Library Bookstack Shelving can store up to twice the capacity of stationary library shelving. Whether you need to free up more space for additional carrels or avoid expensive new construction of your growing library book capacity, Spacesaver compact library bookstack shelving will make your library more efficient. Compact library bookstack shelving optimizes your floor space. Push-button compact library bookstacks are equipped with passive safety devices which requires no conscious action by the user. When a person enters into a push-button compact bookstack aisle the system halts movement automatically. The push-button compact bookstack shelving safety system also detects items left on the floor in an open aisle. And once the item is removed from the open aisle the compact push-button system automatically resets itself for operation.

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See specifications and pricing for library shelving, art racks, bookcases.  Various options for wall mounted shelving for books may include a wall mounted shelf, floating bookshelf, hanging bookshelf, open shelf.

Storing Over-sized and Hard to Store Items Efficiently

We specialize in storing over-sized and specialty library collections that are typically hard to store efficiently. Special storage for items like newspapers and periodicals, oversize materials like maps, videos, and framed artwork in less space, safely without sacrificing accessibility. Contact us today, we can help you maximize your library floorspace.

Library Storage Shelving Designing and Planning Services

Designing and planning library storage solutions is a major part of our business. For more information, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today to speak with one of our experienced library storage specialists.