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Last updated: July 18, 2017

Use High Density Storage Shelves for Storing Law Firm Records File Boxes

Storing Law Firm Records File Boxes in High Density Shelves Victoria College Station

High Density Storage Shelves solve space problems storing law firm record file boxes. A local Austin law firm just built a new facility with a 17’ x 11’ room dedicated to storing record file boxes. The law firm had originally planned to store the 350 record file boxes in the room using stationary shelving, but realized at the last minute that they could not fit all the record boxes into the 17' x 11' room using stationary shelving.

High Density Storage Shelves Maximize Space and Increase File Box Storage Capacity

Law Firm's High Density Storage Shelves Plan Drawing Austin Waco Killeen San Marcos

After reviewing offsite storage options, the law firm called Southwest Solutions Group® in frantic need for help. Southwest Solutions Group's filing and storage expert, Brandon Baird met with the law firm, analyzed the space and provided rough pricing and storage capacity calculations. Within five hours of surveying the room, Brandon was able to provide a complete design with pricing. The client was excited to find the High Density Storage Shelves exceeded their storage requirements, providing storage for 462 record file boxes, a 32% increase in storage capacity. The additonal storage capacity will provide the law firm with future growth for record file boxes. (view High Density Storage Shelves photos)

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Southwest Solutions Group’s storage experts are here to help and provide innovative solutions like High Density Storage Shelves to solve your problems storing law firm record file boxes. Give us a call toll free at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with the expert in your area today.


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