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Last updated: August 08, 2018

Consolidating Storage in Limited Space for Law School Library

law school library's powered mobile shelvingA university law school was about to run out of space in its library. A new building addition needed to provide more space for library collections, students, and faculty, but this had to be accomplished within a small footprint because the allotted space for expansion was limited. To ensure that the new building was able to accommodate the large law library collection, the university used a powered mobile shelving system. The mobile shelving helped the law school house its consolidate storage of its entire library in one location.

Customized Design of the Powered Mobile Shelving System

The powered mobile system, outfitted with cantilever shelving, was installed throughout the lowest level of the new building. By placing shelving on carriages that move from side to side, the mobile system eliminates unnecessary access aisles. To open an aisle, users simply push a large, easily accessible button.

Special emphasis was placed on the height of the mobile system. While it has 10 tiers of shelves, it was designed to only use the first seven for storage. The additional height of the mobile shelving gives the library collection room to expand in order to accommodate future growth.

law school library consolidates storage in mobile shelvingSpace Saving Benefits of the Powered Mobile Shelving System

By eliminating empty aisles and maximizing shelving height, the law school was able to move the entire library collection (close to 875,000 volumes and volume equivalents) to one location, using only 85% of the allotted floor space. And since the whole collection fits on the lowest level of the building, the upper level spaces can be used for student study areas, lecture halls, faculty offices, and even a café.

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