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Last updated: September 11, 2015

Bulk Samples Storage for Fishery Sciences

bulk compact mobile racking preservation storageMuseums and university research departments often have large collections of samples and other irreplaceable artifacts that require specialized storage. In some cases, these collections can become so large that they can no longer be stored safely and efficiently on conventional shelving. This was the case with one university's aquatics and fishery science department, who had to figure out a better way to move and store approximately 1.9 million samples. Bulk compact mobile racking was used in this unique application to solve preservation storage for the fishery sciences department. Read on to find out how.

Storing 12,000 Boxes in One Compact Space

Some of the samples were preserved in small vials of alcohol and were highly flammable, so they were stored in Styrofoam boxes to provide fire suppression. The samples were also stored in a large aircraft hanger with no fire suppression system with boxes stacked 20 feet high. It was such a fire hazard that the fire department would not actually fight any potential fires and the collection would be lost.

The department had to find space to store their large collection and a way to transfer them from their Styrofoam storage containers to cardboard containers during processing—a total of 12,000 boxes that needed to be stored on site.

fishery sciences department solves preservation storage with mobile racksBulk compact mobile racking can be most often seen in industrial and warehousing applications, but it was a perfect fit for this particular storage solution as well. Mobile carriages were fitted with standard industrial-grade racks to store their massive collection. The racks are ten feet high, making it easy to access samples on the top shelves with a standard ladder. The carriages compact together and easily roll back and forth with the turn of a handle, taking up half the space as conventional racking with even more storage density.

The top mount rail used with the mobile tracks is anchored into the unfinished concrete, preventing the need for raised floors or grouting that would have raised costs for the department and meant that they didn't have to make any alterations to the storage room prior to installation.

The 12,000 boxes fit easily on the new bulk compact mobile racking system, and even has room for expansion (the racks are capable of housing upwards of 17,000 boxes). There is also room to add shelving vertically if they need even more storage space. (Check out our wide range of museum cabinets and storage solutions)

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