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Choosing the Right Furniture System for Your Science Lab

steel laboratory casework cabinet furniture systemsTraditional built-in millwork construction is welded. But a welded cabinet doesn’t allow you to easily replace an end panel. So by the time you consider cutting out the weld, grinding the weld, welding the new panel and then repainting the cabinet it’s cheaper to buy a new cabinet. And because seams are not coated, the entire cabinet will rust. On the other hand, steel laboratory casework and cabinets are the ideal science lab furniture system because they are extra durable, extremely safe, very flexible, and truly customizable.

Steel Laboratory Casework & Cabinets vs. Built-In Millwork Construction

Steel casework cabinets are not welded; they are riveted for extra strength and longevity. Rivets are the fastener of choice for aircraft, NASCAR and even the space shuttle, leaving little to question about their integrity. The casework is connected with “U” rivets (that look like a staple), which connect the seams and create a double lined cabinet, almost like a panel within a panel. More reasons rivet construction is the better option include:

Rivets have the same static tensile and peel strength as spot-welds but offer twice the fatigue life.fume hood and cabinet furniture systems for science labs

  • The quality of the attachment is clearly visible with a rivet.
  • Rivets allow panel replacement without damage to the joined parts.
  • Rivets allow you to paint all surfaces.
  • Rivets allow you to join varying thicknesses as well as varying materials.

Also, cabinet panels and pieces are powder-coated with a 2.5 mil coating on all surfaces prior to assembly to reduce the possibility of rust in joints and crevices.

Customize Your Science Lab with Steel Casework & Cabinets

Recently, an Austin hospital laboratory needed a new furniture solution for work and testing. We helped them by designing and installing cost-effective powder-coated steel framed casework. Each section of the casework was customized to meet the lab’s unique needs.

casework cabinet furniture systems for science labsThe casework featured upper angled shelves for easy access, and heavy duty base bottom cabinets. The heavy duty steel casework cabinets minimize vibrations to protect equipment and stored items. This way workers can use both a centrifuge and a microscope at the same counter. Also, the 1,500 lb. machines are easily supported by the steel frames.

Another special feature of the casework is the variance in cabinet height, even right next to each other for a sitting or standing while working, which provides ergonomic access to all machines and keeps people working in the golden zone. Finally some of the casework units are on casters for mobility and easy transportation.

Contact Us for Steel Laboratory Casework & Cabinet Furniture Systems

Southwest Solutions Group® designs and installs steel laboratory casework and cabinet furniture systems that are customized to your needs, function, and workflow. SSG will even provide a free consultation to determine your exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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