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Southwest Solutions Group® designs, delivers and installs Hamilton Sorter Mailroom Furniture in Kansas City to the states of Kansas and Missouri. Hamilton Sorter Mailroom Furniture provides all types of mail sorting equipment bins including closed and open back sorters, mail tables and cabinets, mail sorter risers, bulk mail sorters, mail carts, and in wall mail sorters (click to view mailroom furniture images).

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Hamilton Sorter Mail Sorting Equipment Increases Productivity and Accuracy

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Hamilton Sorter understands that insuring productivity and accuracy starts with the simplest part of the mail sorting equipment, the name labels. Yes the name label! We are surprised at how many manufacturers pay so little attention to the most important part of the mail system. Most manufacturers use either sticky labels or small 3” label holders that force you to use small print. Hamilton Sorter Mailroom Furniture uses 10-5/8” wide colored labels secured behind a plastic protector to clearly identify shelves for quick and easy recognition. Using color coding along with easy to read mail bin labels will increase the sorting productivity and accuracy of mail clerks. Another feature to enhance productivity and accuracy when sorting mail is sorter shelves that slide easily in and out of the sorter units. Mail clerks that use this feature increase productivity and accuracy by simply pulling highly active shelves partially out to make mail distribution quick and exact.

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Other Unique Mail Sorting Equipment Features of Mailroom Furniture

Other unique mail sorting equipment features of mailroom furniture are height adjustable tables to accommodate sitting and standing heights. Hamilton Sorter has mail drawers to store mailroom supplies, mail drop slots for depositing envelopes or recycle materials. Finally, Hamilton Sorter mail sorting equipment have easily adjustable mail shelves with NO sharp metal edges to injure fast moving hands.

Call Us Today at 913-345-0289 and Let Us Help You Determine which Mailroom Furniture is Right for You

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Southwest Solutions Group plans and designs all types of mailroom furniture and mail sorting equipment to meet your specific requirements in Kansas City and across the entire state of Kansas and Missouri. Call us today at 913-345-0289 and let one of our mailroom furniture specialists help you design an efficient mail distribution system for your facility.

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