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Last updated: February 17, 2017

saving space in detention center locker rooms

personal storage lockers with pull-out breadboard benches save spaceThe personal locker rooms in a detention center were quickly running out of space for inmate storage. However, they needed to fit more lockers into their current locker room space, which required a larger footprint. Expanding was not a feasible option for the center.  The solution was personal storage lockers with pull-out breadboard benches to save space in their locker rooms. The lockers were custom made to include these slide-out benches to save space in the detention center locker room. 

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the challenge & space-saving solution

The challenge was that the detention center had very limited space, and expanding was not an option. They had also just added personnel and needed to increase the number of locker openings they had available. The county wanted to increase the width of the lockers from 12" to 18" to meet storage requirements, so they needed to fit more lockers that required a wider footprint in the same size locker room floorspace.pull out breadboard benches help detention center install more lockers in the same footprint

The personal storage lockers has pull-out breadboard benches that retract into locker frames when not in use and slide out when needed. The retractable breadboard benches reduced the depth of each locker by 12", which allowed the department to fit more rows of lockers into the locker room without having to expand their space and allowed them to meet the requirement for number of lockers needed. The increased number of locker rows also allowed the detention center to increase the width of their lockers to fit their storage requirements. The pull-out breadboard benches also have more than a 600 pound load capacity despite their size.

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