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An inmate property department at a detention center had outgrown its storage space, and their storage systems were disorganized, overloaded, and inefficient. There were frequent breakdowns, bags falling apart and off hangers, and staff would often have to crawl between racks to retrieve items. However, adding space to their existing facility was not an option. They immediately knew that modular mobile storage would be able to double capacity for inmate property and improve morale for employees.

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modular mobile storage doubles capacity for inmate property and improves employee morale

The inmate storage department stores both long and short-term inmate property and also needed the capacity to grow with the inmate population that can range anywhere from 850 to 1,300+. The solution involved making use of both horizontal and vertical overhead space. A powered, high-density, modular mobile storage system was designed to double the storage capacity for inmate property, now stored in labeled totes on shelving adjusted to fit. The system dramatically cut down lost property and reduce odors from maintaining personal property. The system was described as an "instant storage solution."

storing inmate property in space saving modular mobile storage to increase storage capacityWith the space savings of the mobile storage, the inmate storage department was able to add another mechanical-assist mobile system with larger shelves in the same area for bulky property such as backpacks, TVs, and longer-term items that were previously located in inconvenient offsite storage areas. 

A wall of stationary shelving was also added for storing inmate property that was awaiting processing into the system, as well as everyday items like inmate-issue clothing, forms, and supplies. Having items neat, organized, and easy to access has reduced stress and improved morale for the employees at the inmate property department. There is even open space for expansion, if the department ever decides to do so. At the moment, the extra space is used as a break room for staff and storage of inmate bedrolls. And since all property is stored in one room, employees no longer have to walk to another pod for bulk items, which has doubled their efficiency. Because the department is so busy and open 24/7, these time-saving measures has improved efficiency and morale by leaps and bounds.high density modular mobile storage shelving

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