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Last updated: July 17, 2017

Jail Optimizes Its Space with Mobile Storage

When the jail at a local sheriff’s office built a new 796-bed facility, mobile storage systems were used to keep costs down and minimize the space needed for ancillary support storage areas. Not only did the mobile storage shrink the footprint required for storage, it also provided the jail with extra storage capacity to accommodate future needs. The mobile systems were used in several areas throughout the jail including inmate property and medical records, classification, and general supply.

Inmate Property & Medical Records Storage

jail inmate personal property kept in the mobile storage system

The mobile system used for inmate property helps productivity and saves vital storage space. Previously, the jail used old metal shelving with wire baskets. Items were stored in many different locations, making them difficult to find and track.

Now, more than 3,000 bins are used within the mobile system to keep items organized and easy to find. Each inmate is assigned bins in only 2 locations for non-valuable items. Bulky items are stored on stationary shelving with large totes directly behind the receiving window. Smaller items are stored in smaller totes on a mobile system outfitted with four-post shelving and bin dividers.

classification records are color coded and stored in a mobile system

Mobile storage systems are also used to store inmate medical records. Because they are kept in the system now instead of on stationary shelves, the storage space is maximized. Also, there is room for additional growth in the department.

Mobile Classification Record Storage

A mobile storage system with carriage locks helps the department store more than 10,000 inmate records, both active and inactive. With a growing inmate population and a 5 year retention requirement, the number of stored records is increasing rapidly.

Mobile storage combined with a color-coded file system helps to keep records filed accurately and minimizes lost or misplaced files. This is essential because quick access to files could actually save a life. For example, if someone needs to be moved quickly due to problems, jail personnel, must efficiently locate the correct classification file to determine the best new location for that inmate.general supplies stored in a mobile system at the jail

General Supply Mobile Storage

Sports equipment, game boards, books, paper products, toiletries, and cleaning supplies are just some of the items kept in the mobile system in the general supply storage area. The system makes fulfilling inmate requests easy because everything is labeled and organized.

The shelving adjustability helps personnel to fit all sizes of items on the shelves, from small toiletries to bulk paper supplies. Shelf heights adjust as well as the dividers to compartmentalize the storage and maximize the efficiency of the square footage.

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